Apple showcases LGBT Pride in special section of iTunes

Published on June 29 2015

Apple showcases LGBT Pride in special section of iTunes

iTunes is now decked out to celebrate LGBT pride.

Apple revealed the new Pride-themed section of iTunes Friday. The section highlights books, apps, movies, music and podcasts that celebrate LGBT civil rights.

in the featured LGBT Pride section, Apple notes the historical significance of the month of June for the LGBT community, with the anniversary of the Stonewall riots, which many consider to be the start of the LGBT civil rights movement.

Apple showcases LGBT Pride in special section of iTunes

In the featured section, which you can find here, Apple highlights movies, music, TV shows, podcasts apps and books that reflect "the broad and diverse spectrum of LGBT pride." These include movies and documentaries, like Milk and The Case Against 8 and books.

Apple showcases LGBT Pride in special section of iTunes

One of the featured apps, PRIDE Study, is also the latest ResearchKit-enabled app to hit iTunes. The app, created by researchers at the University of San Francisco, will enable "the first longitudinal health study of LGBTQ people today," according to USF.

The goal is to help scientists understand health issues unique to LGBT people in order to help improve their overall health. Initially, the app will enable participants to vote on health topics they want researchers to investigate, like whether LGBT people may be at more at risk for certain types of cancers, for example. Participants will then complete annual questionnaires about their health, which will inform the scientists' research.

Reference: Mashable


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