5 can't-miss apps: Kiwi for Gmail, Disney Gif, Medium and more

Published on June 30 2015

Between iTunes showcasing LGBT pride and Facebook's rainbow-filtered profile photos, you may have missed some of this week's best new apps.

Luckily, each weekend, we round up a few of our favorite new and updated apps. This week's list includes a GIF keyboard app from Disney, a new Gmail app for Mac, Dropbox's redesigned Android app and more.

Check out the gallery, below, to see our top picks. If you're looking for more, take a look at our last roundup of can't-miss apps.

5 can't-miss apps: Kiwi for Gmail, Disney Gif, Medium and more

Disney Gif

Disney now has a way for you to easily find animated GIFs from all your favorite Disney and Pixar titles, including Star Wars. Disney Gif puts some of Disney’s best moments right on your keyboard.

Keep an eye on: The app, along with the vast majority of its GIFs, are free, though there are some additional GIFs available through in-app purchases from the main Disney GIF app.

Pro-tip: Like all iOS keyboard apps, you have to enable Disney Gif through your device’s settings menu. To preview an individual GIF, hold down on a thumbnail to see the full version play out.

Free: iOS


5 can't-miss apps: Kiwi for Gmail, Disney Gif, Medium and more


Dropbox’s Android app got a major overhaul this week, with a new update that brings the app in line with Google’s Material Design language. The latest version of the app has also improved its search and made it easier to navigate between files.

Keep an eye on: The app now lets you snap photos from within the app and it automatically saves the image to that folder.

Pro-tip: The app’s search function also allows you to search within the text of documents stored on your account.

Free: iOS and Android


5 can't-miss apps: Kiwi for Gmail, Disney Gif, Medium and more

Kiwi for Gmail

The Kickstarter-backed desktop Gmail client finally landed on the Mac App Store this week. With support for multiple email accounts (including Google Apps), notifications, Hangouts, Google Drive attachments, it comes pretty darn close to feeling like a native app from Google itself.

Keep an eye on: The company says it will be adding support for popular Gmail extensions like Boomerang in a future update.

Pro-tip: For when you want to get away from your inbox for a bit, the “Zen” switch helps you tune it all out by disabling notifications and email accounts to reduce distraction.

$9.99: Mac (Lite version; free)


5 can't-miss apps: Kiwi for Gmail, Disney Gif, Medium and more


Medium has finally released the official version of its Android app. It allows you to browse posts published on the platform, check out your reading list and write and publish new posts of your own.

Keep an eye on: Your regular reading list is still available within the app and you can search for new content, though right now search is limited to specific stories, though Medium says it’s working on new options.

Pro-tip: Drafts you write in the app can’t be viewed or published from the web so make sure to fine tune your text within the app as much as possible.

Free: iOS and Android


5 can't-miss apps: Kiwi for Gmail, Disney Gif, Medium and more

Stack Heroes

Part Jenga, part physics game, the goal of Stack heroes is to perfectly place the falling blocks into a perfect stack.

Keep an eye on: As the game progresses, blocks fall faster and faster and become much more difficult to control.

Pro-tip: Knocking over a few blocks at a time can sometimes work in your favor: A well-placed block can sometimes knock over problematic areas of the structure.

Free: iOS

IMAGE: callpix sas

Reference: Mashable


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