5 Best Apps: Dark Sky, Elevate and more

Published on June 22 2015

With all the new drool-worthy games coming out of E3 and news of Samsung's massive security vulnerability surfacing, you may have missed some of this week's best new apps.

Luckily, each weekend, we round up a few of our favorite new and updated apps. This week's list includes Vimeo's new video editing apps, a big update to Dark Sky and a new game from Disney based on Inside Out.

Check out the gallery, below, to see our top picks. If you're looking for more, take a look at our last roundup of can't-miss apps.

5 Best Apps: Dark Sky, Elevate and more


Vimeo completely overhauled its video editing app this week. The new app makes it much easier to cut up videos with simple gesture-based controls and removes the previous app’s two-minute time limit.

Keep an eye on: The app’s soundtracks and color themes, which the company says will be updated regularly, help give videos a more polished look.

Pro-tip: Unlike some video apps, Cameo is just for editing, you can pull clips into the app from your library but you can’t shoot new ones from the app.

Free: iOS


5 Best Apps: Dark Sky, Elevate and more

Dark Sky

The extremely popular Dark Sky, which began as a successful Kickstarter, got a big update this week. The app has completely stepped up its crowdsourcing with new features that allows users to submit a weather report from their current location at any time.

Keep an eye on: While previous versions of the app emphasized the weather for the next hour, the new Dark Sky emphasizes the next 24 hours, with a detailed look at the forecast for the coming day.

Pro-tip: Users can now set customized alerts for specific weather conditions (rain, heat, wind, etc.) in their area. The app also now has a “severe weather” alert option which notifies you based on government weather alerts.

$3.99: iOS


5 Best Apps: Dark Sky, Elevate and more


The brain training app that won Apple’s award for best app of 2014 got what the company says is its biggest update yet. The app specializes in short games meant to improve cognitive skills like concentration, listening, writing and other skills over time.

Keep an eye on: The new version of the app has a new study section that includes flashcards, diagrams, reading material and other resources to help users improve specific skills.

Pro-tip: The latest update revamped the app’s performance tracking stats, which now gives users a much more detailed look at their progress over time as well as areas in which they need to improve.

Free: iOS and Android


5 Best Apps: Dark Sky, Elevate and more

Giving Tales

Giving Tales takes classic fairy tales from Hans Christian Andersen like The Ugly Duckling, The Emperor’s New Clothes and The Princess and the Pea and puts a modern spin on the classics with new illustrations and updated language.

Keep an eye on: Each story is narrated by famous actors like Sir Roger Moore, Stephen Fry and Ewan McGregor, who make the fairy tale classics even more engaging.

Pro-tip: The app is free, comes with one story for free and each title costs an additional $3.99 to download. Additionally, 30% of the app’s profits go toward Unicef UK.

Free: iOS and Android and Windows Phone


5 Best Apps: Dark Sky, Elevate and more

Inside Out Thought Bubbles

This is Disney’s latest game and it goes along with Pixar’s new movie Inside Out. The game is a “shoot and math” style game that relies heavily on the movie’s characters and their signature emotions to advance the gameplay.

Keep an eye on: The app’s tutorials look like diagrams from the movie's “mind manual.” Many of them have Easter eggs referencing other Disney and Pixar movies and characters.

Pro-tip: Take advantage of the character power-ups a much as possible — certain bubbles will charge character power-ups faster, which could help you get two big boosts per level rather than just one.

Free: iOS and Android


Reference: Mashable


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