Best Apple Watch Applications You Need to Install

Published on April 28 2015

Have already received a Apple Watch? Or you are still waiting for its coming? Anyway, you must need or will need apps to make the new watch more colorful. There are many applications working well with Apple Watch, but, which should you pick on firstly? MacCare Studio has chose some good apps to start for you.

Best Apple Watch Applications You Need to Install

Dark Sky

Dark Sky would become one of the most popular weather application for Apple Watch. It helps you to receive detailed weather information in time, including how long a rainfall or snowfall would last. What's more, the weather app is available to the next 5-day weather forecast if you need.

Install Dark Sky Now

Best Apple Watch Applications You Need to Install


If you are not very good at finding your way around, or a stranger for somewhere, it is high time to download CityMapper on your Apple Watch. It will take you home, work and other place you want to go. And this tool will show you the public transport information nearby.

Install CityMapper Now

apple watch app - calcbot
apple watch app - calcbot


"I need to figure out exactly how much money I spend with this shopping." "I want to know how much euro I can exchange with $1000." "I always use degrees Cesius, but have no precise idea of the Fahrenheit." "I..." Luckily, there is intelligent Calcbot developed by Tapbots to resolve all such problems easily. Calculating, converting anytime and anywhere!

Install Calcbot Now

Best Apple Watch Applications You Need to Install

Day One

Diaries seemed pretty dead not that long ago, but they've made a comeback on digital, in part through convenience, and in part through devices guilting you into adding today's entry via the magic of nagging notifications. With Day One, quick- entry via dictation leaves you with no excuses regarding recording the day's events.

Install Day One Now

apple watch - shazam
apple watch - shazam


There's still that sense of living in the future when it comes to Shazam. Waggle your phone about while a song plays in the background, and the app will reveal what it is. Now, you don't even have to get your phone out — just wave your arm around to get a song title, and also lyrics, in case you want to leap on to the table and wow your friends with your vocal prowess.

Install Shazam Now

apple watch - deliveries
apple watch - deliveries


On the iPhone, Deliveries enables you to keep track of all your packages, so you know when they're going to arrive. On Apple Watch, this functionality comes to your wrist in app, Glance and notification form. (It's probably just as well this didn't exist when we were waiting for Apple Watch. Our arms would be dead by now.)

Install Deliveries Now

apple watch - clear
apple watch - clear


Clear was doing minimal interfaces when Apple really wasn't, and it remains the most elegant of to do managers. On Apple Watch, you can view your lists and check off completed tasks, along with creating new ones. “Just ask Clear to 'Remind me to take the cat for a walk tomorrow morning' and we'll make sure you get reminded," explains the developer, adding that if you're not a cat person, "it's OK! You can set any other reminders". Meow.

Install Clear Now

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